Killaghy Castle is a historic Norman castle dating back to 1206. It was originally a Motte and Baily (a man-made hill of earth with a fortified wooden house on top). The Baily was usually a raised platform of earth adjoining the mound and enclosed by a wooden stockade.

Later in the 15th and 16th century, a tower house was built. The tower house was a tall slender castle of stone, and was built primarily for defence. The living quarters were structured one over the other. During Tudor times in the 16th century, a long house was added. The 18th century saw the construction of two further buildings forming the structure of Killaghy Castle as we know it today.

The castle has undergone extensive restoration, preserving the historic atmosphere with the sensitive integration of modern comforts. Stone buildings at the back of the castle date as far back as 1400 and have been tastefully restored and converted into self-catering units
Killaghy Castle